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Summary0000009: Additional trim levels for different vehicles
Description>Addition of new trim levels of certain vehicles to add some meat to the car list. These new vehicles will have the same model as their parent car but with differences in class, weight, displacement, tire tread etc. Below are a few examples-
-1990 Toyota Supra 2.0 Twin Turbo [B CLASS]
210PS@6200RPM | 203 lb.ft@3800RPM |1460KG
A scaled-down variant of the A70 equipped with the 1G-GTE. Naturally the car is lighter and has greater potential for weight loss due the the absence of that bullshit TEMS. Camber actually becomes positive on compression and negative on extension. Potential for scaling up power shouldn't be great, but still competitive.

-1993 Mazda Lantis RS [C CLASS]
130PS@6000RPM | 122 lb.ft@4000RPM | 1015KG
Suspension and tyres are the same as the Type-R, but this time it's equipped with the Mazda BP motor (the same one in the NA miata.) Lower weight following weight reduction, as well as power figures that undercut that of the NB miata.

...Those were just two of many more possible examples. Many more can be made through the following cars-
-S14 K/Z

...Just my two cents. It's low priority but I guess it could add some more substance to the car list.
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